Capturing a Character

In storytelling and storyshowing a vital element is the teller or performer's ability to capture the essence of a desired character. This is tough. However, I believe once a teller or a performer lives with this challenge, the targeted character will become so much more believable.

Recently, I have taken on the role of mentor, assisting and guiding another storyteller through the process of physical and emotional character development. Several times she has asked if jumping from stance to stance is awkward and jarring. Of course, if you have seen my style of storytelling/storyshowing, I rushed to tell her, "No! Never!" But with some mediation on the idea, I realized that the verb is not "to jump," it is "to pop." Popping, like popcorn, is quick and explosive, where as jumping ultimately leaves one with the image of gym class jumping jacks, jumping rope, long jump, or worse. Popping is controlled and allows the teller or performer to change characters with grace.

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