Fracturing Fairytales

Fairytales. Forever, we will spin the threads of fairytales. There is something so satisfying to break down and restructure these tales. In this blog, I have inserted a very rough draft of a fractured fairytale I started a long time ago. Every story has a first draft. Even fairytales.

He was a horrible liar. No one could ever believe him.

"I ate fifty doughnuts! And colored the entire coloring book in 73 seconds! So, I'm the best."

No one could ever believe him because of me.

Every time Pinocchio lied, I grew in size, and Pinocchio really didn't want me there, to catch him in his lies.

He even lied about me.

"Bad cold. Influenza. Sinus problems. I'm better than you."

He tried everything to be a real boy, with a real nose.

But he always ended up bullying, teasing, running circles around, pinching, and lying.

Making me grow more and more. Making him angrier and angrier.

I was tired of it all, and I was tired of Pinocchio not liking me. ..."STOP!!!!"

"That was my tummy," Pinocchio lied. "And my pet troll. He's hungry, too. We're going to eat more than you."

"Pinocchio, if you did nice things, stopped teasing and lying, I wouldn't grow anymore. You could like me! And like yourself!"

"Ha ha, yeah right. You're wrong. Not my nose, not my problem," said Pinocchio. His biggest lie of all.

I grew twice as long.

"I'll just cut you off! My scissors are the sharpest in the world!"

"You know that would hurt really badly, and plus, you have safety scissors."

"I'll just go to the doctor and get a new nose!"

"You know I would just grow, underneath, the second you lied again, and where would you get the money?"

Pinocchio became even worse. He made horrible grades, lying about how his homework was always lost or eaten by ogres.

He out-talked and out-lied everyone on the playground, always ending his story with a shove.

Just to make his point.

"I can run faster than you and the fastest fast thing ever. I'm the best fastest fast-runner!"

I never stopped growing, like he really wanted.

"Pinocchio, will you try? Try to stop being mean?" I asked, one day as he dug in the dirt by himself.

I was really tired and really long. "Do you want me like this forever? Do you know how long forever is? It's longer than me."

He stopped and thought and then dug a little bit more. "If it's longer than you, I guess it's longer than me, too," he finally said. He thought again. "If I can't beat forever, then how do I beat now?"

"Play like a real boy, Pinocchio."

He picked up his dump truck and shovel, walked over to Sarah with an "h."

"Sarah, I thought about it, and I really don't want to dig by myself. Can I help you move these rocks?"

Sarah saw me getting smaller and smaller.

She smiled, nodded, and pushed over the biggest rock.

I sat, very smallish and happily, on Pinocchio's face.

I think I deserve a nap.

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