One month later,...

After my incredibly productive summer, I had to take time for my voice to rest and heal, and in doing so, my writing voice additionally needed time to rest. But here I am, ready to share my summer and my goals for the new season, one month later.

Touring the Southwest corner of Virginia, visiting the wonderful Smyth-Bland County Library System, I found so much comfort in traveling, exploring a new place, with the excitement of reaching a brand new audience. At each library I visited, the audience was just as enthuastic to be a part of something unique, different, something beyond their usual storytimes. Children and adults alike remained engrossed in my performances and eagerly participated in my literacy activities. The small stories we created together during the activities were very well articulated and full of promise. I'm sure many participants are budding authors themselves.

With four stops in two days, followed by my featured performances at the Virginia Highlands Festival, I was fueled with even more passion for my craft and hopeful for future roadtrips bringing storyshowing all across the nation. Now, with summer slowing into autumn, I look to this new season with renewed energy. My project list has doubled within the last week. Stay tuned for what I tackle next!

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