Summertime Madness

Here we are in the middle of what public schools enjoy as "summer vacation," but for the writers, the artists, the entertainers of the world, this is the season to madly create new and unique pieces of inspiration. As I recently scrambled to finish my newest story, I sought new voice through a group of characters I only just realized would be appealing to my audience.


Yep, that's right. I am a children's storyteller, storyshower, and I now only realized that toys would be a fantastic outlet for exploring. Of course, Pixar's Toy Story is the first thing that came to mind, but as I thought it through, there is so much more "wilderness" toys can overcome, within their own infrastructure or with the surrounding environment.

And toys, without a doubt, are a lifetime love. We find one or two incredibly magical toys and hold onto them dearly. I, for one, still have my darling teddy bear, propped on my bed, because the love he radiated when I was child still warms my heart today as an adult. The sight of him rejuvenates soft memories of being a carefree girl in a big blue house.

So, without giving too much away (since I am only on an early draft of the story), I will end with probably my favorite (aside from Toy Story 3) display of toys coming to life: Dinovember. Check out their Facebook page: for more wild pictures and updates.

#storytelling #audiobooks #funny

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