"What's a "toogy"? It's Mackenzie Vanover, or at least the nickname given when she was young, and represents the distinctive and even quirky storyteller she is today. Mackenzie is delightful, funny and by adding a little theatre and loads of joy, she wows! Even her website,, with bright polka dots gives us a bit of insight into the bubbly personality that incorporates the stories of fractured fairytales and original tales that Mackenzie shares. She is a breath of youthful fresh air and you will chuckle often after hearing her tales as they stick to your laughter bone and remain in your heart."


- Sheila Arnold, VASA Storyteller and Historical Character Interpreter                 
















"I had the privilege of seeing Mackenzie Vanover perform last year and was blown away! Her storytelling had me more engaged than any TV show, play or movie that I have ever seen. Between her entertaining storylines and her original characters that she brings to life before your eyes, her show is a must-see! If you ever have the opportunity to see Mackenzie perform, do yourself a favor and take it!"  


- Jay Foreman, speaker and author of Still Learning

"Mackenzie Vanover was a hit featured performer at GeekOut! Toogy Tales are original in every sense of the word, and Mackenzie brings them to life with uncanny zeal. She embodies her characters in posture, voice, and attitude. Kids don’t just listen to these stories; they watch them unfold and then become part of them. As much as Mackenzie performs within the age-old tradition of storytelling, she also pushes the art form to a new, modern incarnation. We are excited to have Mackenzie return this year as a performer and panelist."         


- Ken Krahl, owner of 4th Wall Promotions, LLC

Mackenzie Vanover bills herself as a "story show-er" and she is certainly that. She led the students (K-5) to discover or remember the parts of a story. She then told/showed stories that were engaging for each grade level. At the end she went back and reviewed what makes a story go so there was a summary for students to take away. The 3-headed story monster was the clearest demonstration of beginning, middle, and end that I have ever seen and a wonderful vehicle for the student group-generated story. Mackenzie will be invited back to Bass-Hoover again.


-Elizabeth Edwards, Librarian at Bass Hoover Elementary School