Traveling expenses may apply to all events. Please contact Mackenzie for further information on pricing. Each event is unique.



Advocacy for children's literacy is an issue Mackenzie fully supports. During a

literacy event or festival, Mackenzie is available to perform between 30

minutes to an hour. Between performing three of her original stories,

Mackenzie will incorporate research on the benefits of using

storytelling methods during reading centered activities and her

favorite exercises to help overcome literacy challenges.






Classroom or library storytimes are fundamental outlets for introducing literature and the joy of reading to children. During storytime events, Mackenzie familiarizes the child-audience with important literary themes and

characters through the telling of original stories.







Due to the interactive nature of storytelling, having Mackenzie perform during birthday parties and any other celebration will enhance the fun! Hire Mackenzie for thirty minutes to hour.


Each package includes theme-based stories,

games or face painting! 


  • Time for an Adventure

  • Just Plain Silly

  • Perfect for a Princess


Or Mackenzie can plan entertainment based around a published piece of fiction and bring to you "story-party!" Chose a book, and her activities and original storytelling will then match and enhance the theme. 






For conferences, not only will she share several of her stories, Mackenzie will use the time alloted to discuss the origin of storytelling, why it's important to children's development, and how story showing additionally fulfills developmental needs. Then in relation to the stories Mackenzie shares, she will break apart storytelling's components and how these components intrigue children's imagination, helping them better understand life through literature. These conference presentations can be targetted to writers, school teachers or librarians. Please specify the theme of the conference. 





Literacy Events




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